Light Beer for
World-Class Bubs
This summer, Heineken Silver and Marvel Studios' Deadpool & Wolverine are teaming up to put bitter feuds aside, over a crisp & refreshing Heineken Silver.
Heineken Silver is a World-Class Light Beer that has All the Taste, With No Bitter Endings.
To cement this truce, we made the Best Bubs Box, designed to be shared between you and your Best Bub.
Let this kit be your first step to ditching bitterness this summer, and, hey, if Deadpool can make nice with Wolverine, you can make nice with your choice of light beer.
Deadpool Heineken Silver: All The Taste, No Bitter Endings. World-Class Light Beer with 2.9 carbs & 95 cals.
So grab your Best Bub, enjoy Heineken Silver responsibly, and be sure to enjoy Marvel Studios' Deadpool & Wolverine only in theaters July 26.

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